Your choice of weight loss systems are BITES Smart, BITES Plus, BITES Classic or Calories.

BITES are food score values that are assigned to a serving of food that are compatible with your current weight loss system. Pick the system that calculates values the same as the current system you are following now.

  • BITES Smart values are calculated using Calories, Sat Fat, Sugar, and Protein
  • BITES Plus values are calculated using Protein, Carbs, Total Fat, and Fiber
  • BITES Classic values are calculated using Calories, Total Fat, and Fiber
  • Calories is just plain old calorie counting!

Which system should I use? We recommend that you track using the system you are most familiar with. BITES Smart is now very popular because it is compatible with the newest food score weight loss system. However many people still want to use the BITES Plus system because it works better for them and they have recipes and favorites created already so they don't want to change. Further, some people still prefer the really old system BITES Classic because it works for them, they are familiar with it, and it of course is still a fine option. Of course, there is always simple calorie tracking which many people prefer because it gives a more accurate food score value. Each system will work to help you lose weight so it is really just personal preference and what works best for you.